Fieldwork and study visits

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The second season of fieldwork was conducted from November 2021 to February 2022. The geophysical survey, archaeological excavations and ethnological interviews are undertaken. Moreover, a storage house for archaeological finds in Soba was completed. To see the fly around the construction site visit

A detailed description of all activities undertaken during this season can be found in our preliminary report:


In September and October 2020, an archive enquiry was made at the Sudan Archive (University of Durham). This unique collection holds photographs, letters, and other documents from when Sudan was an Anglo-Egyptian Condominium (1899-1956).


The first season started in November 2019 and lasted until February 2020. Below you will find a detailed description of our research activities during that time:

Soba Expedition. Preliminary report season 2019-2020

Soba Expedition. Preliminary report on the archaeological excavation before the construction of the storage house


Before starting the fieldwork, Mariusz Drzewiecki studied documentation from the research carried out at Soba in 1980s and 1990s. The archive is kept at the British Museum. Mariusz spend one week in London (6-12.10.2019) visiting the archive. Below are some photos: